Montana Weddings – 2018 Behind the Scenes


One of my favorite days in high school was always “yearbook delivery day.” I’m an incredibly sentimental person and I just LOVE looking at photos to relive moments!! Well, this blog post is kind of like my yearbook showcasing all the fun that I had behind the camera as a photographer at Montana weddings! So ENJOY!!

Montana Weddings Photography

Montana Weddings – Bride & Grooms

Can I just say how much I LOVE my brides & grooms?!! Seriously, these people invite me to be a part of the biggest day of their lives. I am humbled by every wedding that I get to capture. I smile, laugh, & cry with them, so it’s no wonder why I always want to hug them at the end of the night. They are so much more to me than clients, they are my friends!

Montana Weddings

Meet the SNP Crew!

First of all, I could not do half of what I do at weddings without the AMAZING crew that I have! My associate photographers & videographer let me order them around, and they laugh at my lame jokes! We work hard throughout the day, but we always seem to have blast at every wedding. How can you not have fun when everyone is celebrating?

Montana Weddings


If you’re wondering, the answer is YES! I once was a model! Well, kind of. I was a member of the Hennessy’s Teen Board in high school and we had fashion shows in the mall. But I credit all my fancy poses to those runway days! LOL!!

Weddings are a workout!! We are on our feet all day long running around & carrying heavy equipment. They should have a “Photographer’s Bootcamp Class” at the gym!

I mastered “the Floss” thanks to this cool little ring bearer! Kids are amazing at this dance!

Don’t worry guys, I’m a professional 3rd-wheel so I’m not afraid to get in close on you!

It doesn’t matter if it’s -20º F or 110º F, we shoot weddings all year long… although I kind of prefer the warmer weather!

I consider myself kind of a girly-girl, but I can definitely hang with rambunctious groomsmen! Bring on the smack talk, I can handle it!

In November, I went to the Showit United Conference in Arizona and it was such an experience! I learned from photographers that I had admired for years and met new friends from all over the US & Canada.

I even got to visit my relatives that live in Arizona so we had to do a photo shoot in the desert!


He’s not just easy on the eyes, but Pat has incredible talent! I’m amazed by all the videos that he creates and how he sees the wedding day in a way that I may have missed. You can usually find him creeping in the tall grass to get these epic shots!

Pat will do whatever it takes to get the shot, so if that means climbing a mountain or laying in a field, consider it done!

Pat is an insanely hard-worker, but don’t let him fool you, he has a lot of fun at weddings too! Especially the receptions!!


Maybe it was the hormones from being pregnant, but Danielle was my baby holder at many sessions last year. She even held fur-babies!

This girl always goes above and beyond for me. She even woke up at 4:30 one morning to 2nd shoot a wedding I had in East Rose Bud!

Danielle is an absolute joy to be around and always knows how to make the day fun!

Danielle was such a champ this wedding season and even shot our last wedding at 8 months pregnant… in a blizzard!!


The moment I met Sarah, I knew that we would get along because she said loves donuts, coffee & dogs! We’re like the same person!!

Sarah not only shares my name, but she also has the same goofy personality! I laugh so hard when I’m with her!

She has the sweetest demeanor & best smile. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re around Sarah!

So I hope that you can tell from all these photos that we love our job! Weddings are crazy, stressful, and require a lot of work, but it’s always worth it in the end. We can’t wait for this year’s Montana Weddings!

Be sure to follow along with my stories on Instagram for a real taste of what our days are like! I’m always posting lots of fun videos!

And check out last year’s Behind-the-Scenes blog post of more Montana Weddings!

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