Montana Engagement Session – Aaron + Christine


Normally, I talk about how the weather was at sessions, or how beautiful the backdrops were, but this time, I’m going to dive a little deeper into the stories behind the photos. In full disclosure, Aaron & Christine’s Montana Engagement Session started out not-so-perfect. Aaron, like every man on the planet, hates having his photo taken. No surprise there. He didn’t want to smile, hold hands, and he definitely didn’t want to do my signature move “the nuzzle.” Most people would see this as a hinderance, but I just see it as a hump to get over.

Photography is so much more about psychology than it is about taking a beautiful photo. It’s about connecting with your clients and finding out who they are and then highlighting that. The challenge is that I have to figure this out within a few minutes of meeting someone to help them drop their guard.

Please don’t think that I’m saying all this to pick on Aaron, he is a cool dude in my book. And by the end of the session, we were all laughing till our cheeks hurt. I just want to point out that creating a great experience goes hand-in-hand with creating beautiful images. I truly believe that people look their best when they are laughing & having a good time, so if that means I have to make a complete fool of myself then so be it!

Montana Engagement Session

Montana Engagement Session

Montana Engagement Session

Christine + Aaron

Christine & Aaron dated for a while in high school and eventually went their separate ways. But fate brought them back together again because when you’re soulmates, that is bound to happen! Last September, Aaron asked Christine to grab his keys out of the center console of his car. When she got out, there he was, down on one knee asking her to marry him. They are definitely a couple that compliments each other. Christine is soft & sweet while Aaron is out-spoken & goofy! He loves making her laugh & she keeps him in line. It’s a match-made in Heaven!

This is definitely when the engagement session got FUN!!! I asked the couple to shout out their favorite body part of the other person and Aaron shouted, “TOE NAILS!!!!” What a smart-ass! But man, it had us laughing forever. P.S. Boob grabbing is always allowed at my sessions if it makes your woman smile like this!!

I am so excited for Aaron & Christine’s wedding at Camelot Ranch next Spring!!

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