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As I go through all the wedding photos from 2017, I have come across some pretty entertaining ones as well! People always ask me what it’s like to be a wedding photographer and now I can actually SHOW YOU!

We spend about 8-10 hours on our feet, we follow the bride & groom around like crazy paparazzi, and we can scarf down dinner faster than any competitor in a food eating contest. We survive on coffee & adrenaline to make it through the day and then we go home and do it again the following weekend. It definitely takes a certain personality to be a wedding photographer and you have to know how to handle stress and roll with the punches. But our job isn’t as bad or crazy as it sounds. We actually have a ton of fun!

Our 2017 Wedding Season

First off, I have to start by saying thank you to my “Dream Team” who not only helped me capture beautiful imagery for so many couples this past year, but they kept me sane amongst all the chaos. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m super organized and love having a schedule, but sometimes weddings don’t go how you’ve planned.

It rains, the wedding party drinks too much, the bride has a wardrobe malfunction – you get the idea, things go wrong. But my awesome team works harder than I ask them to and they always do it with a smile! Thank you Danielle & Pat for bending over backwards (sometimes literally) to help me out! You guys are the BEST!!

Pat, my videographer and HOT husband!

This was the first year working with my husband (Pat) as my videographer at weddings and it went better than I could’ve hoped for! He is so professional & precise in the way that he works. He can pretty much pick up any electronic device and learn how to use it in a matter of minutes – I’m super jealous. Pat has an incredibly artistic eye and sees things in a completely different way than I do, which is great for getting variety in shots! I know he’s kind of obligated to say that he likes working with me, but I really think that we make the perfect team!

Pat had so much fun flying his drone last summer at weddings. Plus, it adds such a cinematic feel to the videos!

Not only is Pat a hard worker, but he’s pretty sweet on the eyes too! The ladies love him, but sorry, he’s taken!

He’s going to kill me for posting the photo on the upper right, but I couldn’t help it! That’s quite a stance he’s got there! LOL!


Next, there is this lovely lady who I have been working with for almost 2 years now and have loved every minute of it! Danielle is the kindest person you will ever meet and loves to dance & sing at receptions as much as I do! It was truly a match made in heaven! She is my sister-from-another-mister (and from another mom), but I feel so fortunate to have her in my life!

No goofing around here – weddings are serious business! Just kidding!

Danielle is not only my second shooter, she’s my test shot model, my dress fluffer and family organizer. Pretty much, she rocks at everything!


And then there’s me! I’m your timeline- planner, boutonniere-pining, dress-bustling, cake-cutter, party-starter… oh yeah, and your photographer! I have so much fun at weddings that I tend to forget that I’m even working! But it’s kind of hard not to be happy when you are surrounded by a bunch of people celebrating! I love my job and I hope that it shows!

You will never hear me say, “That’s not my job.” I know that things need to get done to make the day flow smoothly, and if I can help in anyway I definitely will!

Things you should know about me: I love meeting new people and I love photos so if you want a picture with the “photographer lady” then by golly, you can have one!

After looking at these photos, I’m a little embarrassed that you all have to see this view of me sometimes! Sorry!!


It’s my favorite tradition to make it into my client’s wedding gallery some way or another. Preferably a photo of me & them, but if not, I’ll probably just take a selfie! I want them to remember me & their experience with me. But more importantly I want to treasure the people that let me share in the biggest day of their lives! My clients always become so much more to me than just clients – they become my friends!

That lovely lady in the red coat is one of my favorite vendors! If you don’t have an officiant or wedding coordinator check out Patricia Clark Weddings!!

Thank you to all my clients who let me be your photographer! 2017 was an AWESOME year, but I can’t wait to see where my camera takes me this year!

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