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McKinsey + Blake || Hilands Golf Club Wedding

It was such a perfect day at Hilands Golf Club for McKinsey & Blake’s wedding! The sun was shining, the grass was a luscious green, and these two lovebirds couldn’t wait to get married! Blake admitted that he was a little stressed at the beginning of the day, but the moment he saw McKinsey all those nerves disappeared.

Hilands Golf Club WeddingHilands Golf Club WeddingHilands Golf Club Wedding

You have to check out these bouquets!! McKinsey handmade them by cutting up baseballs! Super creative!!

Since they both share of love for baseball, it had to be the theme to their wedding. They incorporated baseball throughout all the details of the day. Check out these mugs made from hollowed out bats! I want one!!

Blake & McKinsey met 6 years ago back in college and it was pretty much love at first sight! They both agreed that even though they’re complete opposites, they balance each other out so well. They love to be goofy together so it definitely wasn’t a struggle to get them to smile for photos. Their wedding party was one of the most joyful groups of people that I’ve ever worked with and had incredibly sweet words to say about the bride & groom. They are loved by so many people and I can totally see why.

Hilands Golf Club Wedding

The bride honored the memory of her late mother by reserving a chair for her at the ceremony with a single yellow rose. She was definitely watching them from up above that day!

I learned what the term “getting iced” meant with this crazy-fun crew! Kind of awesome that a girl beat all the boys in a drinking competition too!!

McKinsey & her dad surprised everyone with a choreographed dance at the reception! It was so entertaining!!

Blake & McKinsey vowed to make each other laugh through the good and the bad. It looks like they’re off to a good start!

Hilands Golf Club Wedding

A special shout out to all the vendors at this wedding that made it an absolutely perfect day for McKinsey & Blake!!

Venue: Hilands Golf Club

Dress: Belle en Blanc

Hair & Make-up: India Richey with Dandilu

Tux: Step ’N Out Formal Wear

Officiant: Loren Rose (Bride’s Uncle)

Flowers: Handmade by the Bride

Caterer/Bar: Hilands Golf Club

Cake: Dancing Oven Bakery

DJ: Tylan Jones – DJ LAN Party

Lead Photographer: Sara Nagel

Assistant Photographer: Danielle Rider

Videographer: Pat Nagel — Click here to ask about our video services!!!