About Sara

I'm your typical girl-next door, but I have a goofy & sarcastic side to me too. I love making people laugh during my photo sessions to bring out their natural smiles. I'm always ready for those amazing "in-between moments" that happen when people get comfortable in front of the camera, showing who they really are. I've been a photographer for 8 years now and I can't imagine doing anything else! It's the best job in the world!!

I'm married to my best friend (Pat) and I'm mom to a high-energy boy (Alex). They are my two reasons for living, breathing, and laughing every day. Alex keeps me on my toes, gives me gray hair, and melts my heart all at the same time. Family is so important to me and these two dudes have changed my life in the best way possible!

Most days you can find me playing legos with my son, watching the Bachelor with my hubby, or walking my white furball of a dog, Murphy. But the remainder of my days are filled by photographing the most AMAZING people on the biggest days of their lives!

I have so much passion for my job that sometimes I don't even feel like I'm working! I'm so honored when people ask me to photograph their wedding because it is a huge chapter in the story of their lives. When the cake has been eaten and the wedding dress is packed away, the best way to relive your special day is through these photos.

Things you should know about me:

• I hate awkward silences so I talk the entire time during a photo session

• I love giving gifts & hand-written cards

• I cry when I see other people cry

• I absolutely love being a mom & a wife

• I'm obsessed with dogs - seriously, my idea of heaven would be to live on a ranch with like 20 Golden Retrievers!!

• I'm not afraid to be goofball and I will do whatever it takes to make you laugh during a photo shoot!

• I run on coffee and peanut butter M&M's :)

• I'm a hugger so sorry if you have a personal bubble cause I'm gonna pop it!

• My mom & sister are my best friends

• I treasure every moment of every day - the good, the bad & the unforgettable because you never know what tomorrow will bring!

If you think that we'd be a good fit, please send me a message on the contact page and we'll chat about the details of your session. I can't wait to meet you!